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What we do!

Here at Map Josh we offer a wide range of sercives, including but not limited to the following;

Protection Services

Mapjosh cc trading as Mapjosh Protection Services; Reg Number: 2925455, Date of Registration 16/04/2019, is duly registered as a Security Services Provider. Services offered are as follows:

Unarmed security staff is responsible for close monitoring of property and securing the assigned premises. They are also responsible for overseeing surveillance equipment, inspection of buildings, and the opening of gates/entry points. They prevent losses and damage to properties by reporting irregularities and restraining trespassing. Armed Security Personnel has the license to carry weapons and highly guard valuable goods.

Executive Protection is the protection of high-level individuals who may be exposed to threat because of their celebrity status, wealth, the difference in opinion with other persons, employment and also association. Executive protection may come in the form of a security advisor – a type of bodyguard – who works one on one with a high-level executive. In other cases, executive protection is provided by a team of individuals who work together to identify which managers need security and what the possible threats may be.

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not freely distributed but rather are checked, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV depends on the strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s contribution on screens.

Mobile patrol services involve the following; Locking and opening premises, Setting and unsetting alarms, Checking access points, Ensuring the building and facilities are secure. Liaising with maintenance staff and contractors. Out of hours keeps an eye on all business premises. Random patrols to avoid location by activity and revealing issues. Reporting any potential security issues. Reporting on any potential health and safety issues.


Construction Services

We are able to maintain all building services equipment either our directly employed labour force, or specialist Sub contractors who meet our requirements, both in terms of quality Assurance and Health Safely. 


Property Maintenance

Renovations: Mapjosh specialize in renovating properties and sand blasting glass designers. The following are most specialized fields:     

 Carpentry 
 Plumbing
 Painting 

 Roof water proofing 
 Tiling


Building Construction

Our team and construction services work on various projects:

 Single home / Residential projects        
 Home Remodeling and Renovation
 Commercial developments                      
 Office parks       
 Office Renovations and Alterations        
 Retail shop fittings        
 Residential developments                        
 Apartment blocks, Flats and estates
 Community                                                
 Factories


Supply, installation and Maintenance of fire-fighting equipment

Emergency Relief Shelters

We manufacture pre-fabricated high quality emergency relief shelters, sheds and storage units to disaster stricken communities. In terms of design, we are constantly innovating to ensure communities recieve a better and improved end product.


Gateway Road, Office No. 27
Polokwane Int. Airport


Tel: +27 (15) 288 0027               
Cell: +27 (65) 979 6363

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